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Monday, May 28, 2018

RPP B. Inggris 4th Grade - (What time is it?) 2nd Meeting

This is a lesson for the second meeting. To see the lesson plan for the first meeting, click here ---> 1st Meeting

2nd Meeting--- Learning 'What time is it?'
Language Focus: “What time is it? It’s time to….”
Skills: Pronunciation
-    Students can ask and reply to “What time is it? It’s time to….”
-          Teacher handbook
-          Hand-out
-          Four Daily Routines Flashcards (Appendix 4)
-          “It’s time to” Song (Appendix 5)
-          Uncolored cards (Appendix 6)

Teaching and Learning Steps
Detail Activities
1.      Teacher greets the students.
5 minutes
2.      Teacher asks captain of the class to lead the pray.
3.       Teacher checks students’ attendance.
4.       Teacher checking students’ understanding of the previous lesson.
5.      Teacher tells the students about what students are going to learn.
6.      Teacher asks the students about their daily routine activities.

Main Activity
1.      Teacher provide some of flashcards to each student. Each student will have four flashcards. (Appendix 1)
4 minutes
2.      Teacher will demonstrate the “It’s time to….” using each flashcard.
e.g.: What time is it? It’s time to wake up (while showing the “wake up” flashcards)
3.      Teacher sing the song “It’s time to….” using flashcard.
6 minutes
4.      Teacher asks the students to sing the song together. (Appendix 2)
5.      Teacher then ask the students “What time is it?”
“It’s time to…… wake up, take a bath, have breakfast, go to school”
Note:  Students have to show the right cards according to what teacher says. It could be done for each student too.
6 minutes
6.      Students are asked to color the cards given by the teacher and stick the right sentence on it. (Appendix 3)
14 minutes


1. Students and teacher review what have been learnt by sing the “It’s time to…” once
5 minutes
2. Students are informed about what to do on the next week.
3. Teacher asks captain of the class to lead the pray.
4. Teacher greets the students by saying good bye, see you next week.


1. Daily Routine Flashcard

2. "It's Time To..."song

It’s Time To
(Aku Sayang Keluarga rhyme)

What time is it?
It’s time to wake up
What time is it?
It’s time to take a bath
What time is it?
It’s time to have breakfast
What time is it?
It’s time to go to school

3. Coloring Times