What I think about Future Career Planning

After the graduation of college or high school, most of people will start to think about a future career. Even before the graduation. The reasons are because of career is one of the most significant things in our life. It is what we will do for the rest of our life maybe, or because future career is unfortunately some people’s reasons of taking education. Like… It is, right? So, in choosing the career, it would be better that it suits our passion, or even suits what we need for life.

The first thing to be done is planning. What we should do properly to attain our goals, the future, in other words, a job that we love or at least, we are comfortable enough with. I think everyone has several sort of significant goals that they hope to achieve in the future. And for a significant number people, it includes some type of dream job. Of course to achieve that dream job, we need to plan what to do.

Planning is needed in the future career because it helps us grow. It is an essential part of our personal growth and development. It is also an effective way to ensure you never lose motivating along the way because of we had plan for the future and set a specific timeline for accomplishing the things that we want to achieve. Moreover, our career plan is an opportunity to maximize our true potential. In addition, it can also be used to determine the steps needed and can help us design our future the way we would like.

The career goal is also needed in the future career because of it give us a direction. The goal gives us “… the roadmap that showing various checkpoints …” and what we require to get the final line and getting what we want (Oscar, 2015).  Besides that, it motivate us because of we have a clear image where we are and where we want to be. So, we “fell more motivated to pursue” our next goal (Oscar, 2015). In addition, it is used to measure growth what is making us forward or opposite.  It is also makes us responsible. Responsibility is “the measure of our commitment to our goals to fulfill what we have determined setting to achieve it. Afterward, our goal will be achieved and make us conscious to put our time and energy to attain the target that we set out.

In a career goal setting, according to (Florenceng, 2014), there are several things that must be paid attention before in various levels. Firstly, we decide what we want to do. Next, we prioritize more achievable goals that we have to achieve. It will make accomplishing our goal easier to manage and help streamline the process to achieve our ultimate goal. The last, we formulate and develop a proper plan for our goal.  “It can be best to establish a step by step plan” that will enable us “to start working towards achieving it” (Florenceng, 2014). On the other hand, there are several tips in setting career goal according to (Florenceng, 2014), which are know our strengths and weaknesses, what our overall career goal is, steps to achieve our goals and measuring the progress of our goals. 

Cara Menonaktifkan Unduh Otomatis di WA - Hemat Memori dan Kuota Internet


Hey! Merasa kesal karena memori cepat penuh akibat foto dan Video yang dikirim di WhatsApp?
Atau Kesal karena kuota internet cepat habis akibat foto dan Video yang dikirim di WhatsApp?
Tenang! Ada solusinya! 
(Duh berasa lagi ngiklan di tipi😅)

Sebenarnya tadi postingan ini mau saya kasih judul:

Cara Hemat Memori Hp dan Kuota Internet yang Habis karena Kiriman Foto dan Video dari WhatsApp

Tapi ribet dan kepanjangan. (info gak penting, skip) 

Tujuan dari postingan ini adalah memberi informasi kepada para pengguna WhatsApp, wa bil khusus orang-orang yang ada dalam beberapa WA-grup yang saya ikut, yang selalu komplain dan mengeluh
“Kartu memori penuh! Jangan sering kirim foto atau video dong!”
“Kuota Internet sekarat nih! Jangan kebanyakan kirim foto atau Video lah!”,
Keluhan yang muncul ketika ada anggota grup yang mengirim foto atau Video yang dirasa kurang penting untuknya.

Pastinya cara dalam postingan ini bisa ditemukan di berbagai situs di internet, tapi biar saya merasa puas, saya tetap ingin memosting tentang ini. Hehe.

Sebenarnya tidak perlu merasa kesal. Karena tim WhatsApp Inc. sudah jauh-jauh hari memikirkan tentang ini dan sudah menyediakan fitur untuk mengurangi penggunaan kartu memori oleh aplikasi bernama WhatsApp ini.

Jadi, kita bisa mengatur apakah foto, audio, video, dan dokumen yang dikirim oleh orang ke kita tidak langsung tersimpan otomatis sehingga memenuhi memori hp/kartu memori hp kita.

Pertama, kita harus tau dulu dong tentang fitur penggunaan data dan penyimpanan WhatsApp ini.
Fitur ini disediakan oleh WhatsApp untuk mengatur penggunaan WhatsApp terhadap memori hp/kartu memori hp kita. Jadi kita bisa mengatur sesuai keinginan kita untuk:

a. Mengunduh otomatis semua foto, audio, video dan dokumen yang dikirimkan ke kita
b. Hanya mengunduh foto saja, atau audio saja/video saja/dokumen saja
c. Tidak mengunduh otomatis semua foto, audio, video dan dokumen yang dikrimkan ke kita

OK, langsung aja ke praktek.

Short Descriptive Text about Maudy Ayunda

Maudy in hijab

Maudy Ayunda is an Indonesian actress. She is one of my favorite idols. Maudy was born in Jakarta on December 19, 1994. Her real name is Ayunda Faza Maudy. She is also a singer, songwriter and an activict in education.

She is 175 cm tall. She has black hair and also black eyes. Her skin is bright. She loves books poems. She likes fried rice, sambal terasi, seafood, etc.

Her father’s name is Didit Jasmedi R. Irawan and her mother is Muren Murdjoko Jasmedi. Maudy speaks Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mandarin and Spanish. She graduated from University of Oxford in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) department. She fights against modern slavery.

She is beautiful and inspiring. Many people like her and I idolize her.

The Jungle Book (2016) Movie Review

Written by: Laila I N. 

This is an American film which adopted a background of a jungle in India¹. It is directed by Jon Favreau (the director of Zathura, and Iron Man) and produced by Brigham Taylor. Genre of the film is family, fantasy, and adventure with duration of 110 minutes. As the output of Walt Disney Pictures collaboration with Fairview Entertainment and Moving Picture Company (MPC), it was released on 15th of April, 2016².

By Source, Fair use,

 The film begins with a scene where Mowgli (the man cub) is running and jumping with a wolf-fold in a lead of a black panther called Bagheera (voiced by Ben Kingsley). Overall, this film narrates about Mowgli’s life adventure to survive from the threat of a malicious tiger Shere Khan, which is voiced by Idris Elba.

Shere Khan exceedingly hates Mowgli because of his background life in the past. Therefore, Shere Khan threatens Mowgli to leave the jungle eternally or he will kill him. Also, he notices all inhabitants of the jungle that whoever protects Mowgli, will be killed too. In the middle of his journey, Mowgli gets a lot of experience, until he meets his new friend, a sloth amusing bear called Baloo (voiced by Bill Murray).

This film has several strengths. Those are from the visual effect aspect, the voice cast aspect, and the magical power aspect.

Firstly, the visual effect of this film is looking extremely realistic. By looking at the way of the character’s move and talking, it makes us forget that it is just computer scenes anyway. Personally, I am in surprise when I saw the appearance of King Louie, a Gigantopithecus (voiced by Christoper Walken). He seems like a real creature.

What’s Wrong with Intercultural Marriage?

By Jeff Belmonte from Cuiabá, Brazil - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Marriage is something unpredictable, your wife is may be not your girlfriend, your husband may be not your boyfriend or may be your native English teacher is you fate! Who knows? So, what will you do if your future husband or wife is someone from another ethnic? Will you go through all the hardships you may face when you marry him/her? Or will you just take the easiest and safe way by marrying someone who has the same ethnic as yours?

All people have the same chance of getting married with someone from another ethnic or even country. However, the chance is bigger when you are living in a country which has so many tribes or ethnics—example, Indonesia. In Indonesia there are more than a hundred tribes or ethnics, so it is very possible to have relationship or marry with someone whose different background of culture.

The term for marrying someone from another ethnic is called intercultural marriage (Tseng in McDermott & Maretzki, 1977) because every ethnic has its own culture and marrying someone from another ethnic means you have to come up with it.

For some people, intercultural marriage may be not a big deal. However, there are still people who have the thought that marrying someone from different ethnic is something hard to be accepted. One of the cases is happen to me. My parents also some of my friends always say that it will be hard for me if I marry with someone from another ethnic. When I had a talk with my parents, I said ‘I have a crush on someone from different ethnic and I want to get serious with him’, my parents said “Oh, it is ok but it will be very grateful if you can choose someone in the same ethnic as us”. Even they were saying  it’s ok but the thing is, they were saying it with lower tone and gave emphasizing on the it will be very grateful part. Surely, I knew what they had in mind. They want to give a no, but have no heart to break their lovely daughter who is in love.

I am a Javanese but it does not mean that Javanese is too picky. I just say that some of your friends or acquaintances may have the same thought as my parents or even your parents may have. However, they are not wrong though, it is definitely hard to have intercultural marriage, because we have to deal with different background, different language, and different custom. Those things not only can be the source of happiness but also may be the source of your problems.

However, there is no problem without a solvent. It is ok to marry with whoever we love even if he or she has different ethnic as us. Because whoever he/she is or whichever ethnic he/she has we only love for her/his attitude or character. For you who will or are going to do intercultural marriage there’re still ways to make your married last forever.

Short Descriptive Text about Atta Halilintar


Atta Halilitar is a name of a content creator in YouTube from Indonesia. His full name is Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar and everyone calls him Atta. Atta is a first YouTuber who got Diamond Play Button in Southeast Asia.

Atta was born on 1994 in Dumai. Atta is 170 cm tall and he likes red, white and black. Atta has a house which cost 23 billion.  Atta likes black and green.

Atta is the first children of 11 Gen Halilintar children who are also well-known in Indonesia because of their funny videos. Atta is a young and successful businessman. He made his first 1 billion in his 13 years old and now has a well-known brand named AHHA.

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Short Descriptive Text About Ria Ricis.


Ria Ricis is a name of a YouTuber from Indonesia. She has a real name it is Ria Yunita. Everyone calls her Ricis. Ricis is a content creator in YouTube, she has more than 10 million subscribers now and she is a first women in Southeast Asia who got Diamond Play Button from YouTube.  

Ricis was born in 1995, she has two sisters, and they are Oki Setiana Dewi and Shundy Kurnia Pitri Sastromardjo. Ria Rics is well-known by her videos in unboxing squishy and also her cheerful opening in YouTube videos which is: “Assalamu’alaikum! Teman-teman…” 

Ricis bought a beautiful house with the money she got from YouTube and other trade business she has. She has a big pool in the house and a trampoline. Ricis prepared a room for Maryam her niece because she love her so much. Ricis also has a room full of squishy and many action figures.

Ricis has a beautiful face and lovely smile. She is 165 cm tall and Ricis loves pink, she has a pinky bedroom and a lot of pink stuffs. Many people love Ricis because she is funny and cheerful.

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M Hamka Syaifudin: Pengembara Pecinta Puisi


Kalian yang sampai di tulisan ini, mungkin memang karna penasaran siapa itu sosok M Hamka Syaifudin,
Jadi mari kita ngerumpi tentang kawan satu itu disini.
Santri yang suka puisi
Saya pertama kali mendengar namanya sebagai seorang siswa kelas 11 yang sama-sama bersekolah di ponpes MA Hidayatullah Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Bedanya, dia bertempat di kampus putra dan saya di kampus putri. Selanjutnya, saya mengetahuinya lagi sebagai kakak dari seorang junior dipondok saya.
Saat itu saya anak baru, jadi tidak mengenalnya. Tapi nama Hamka cukup populer disebut-sebut oleh teman-teman sebagai anak muda puitis yang pernah mengharumkan nama pesantren kami pada ajang pencak silat tingkat kabupaten, kalau ingatan saya tidak salah.
Kami bukan teman dekat. Tapi saya adalah teman dekat dari teman dekat Hamka di kampus putri (alah ribet! Hahah). Jadinya saya pernah membaca beberapa lembar tulisan tangan hasil pemikiran Hamka.
"Wih... Keren ya" “Mantap…” “Baguss…”
Ya, mirip-mirip seperti itulah reaksi-reaksi saya ketika membaca tulisan-tulisan Hamka. Sejak itu, saya mengetahuinya sebagai seorang teman yang mencintai puisi. Tapi tidak mengenalnya.
Hamka punya cukup banyak novel-novel romantisme cinta dan saya kadang ikut-ikutan meminjamnya.
Ditahun kami sebagai senior kelas 12, dan beberapa bulan sebelum ujian nasional, kami dengar, Hamka pindah. Semenjak itu saya tidak pernah lagi mendengar kabarnya.

Season of The Witch Short Review


Season of the Witch was released on January 7, 2011 in the United State. The movie was directed by Dominic Sena. Director illustrates the inspiration from The Seventh Seal (1957). He used classic tale of knight who returns from the Crusades and encounters Death on the road. Genres of this movie are science fiction, and horror. The duration of this movie is 94 minutes. This movie is an American fantasy and adventure, starred by Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlmen, Claire Foy, Stephen Campbell, Robert Sheehan, Ulrich Thomsen, Stephen Graham, Christopher Lee, etc.

By Source, Fair use,

Originally development in 2000 when the spec script by screenwritter Bragi F. Schut and was purchased by MGM. The project moved from MGM to Columbia Pictures to Relativity Media, where the film was finally produced by Charles Roven and Alex Gartner.

The story is started from three women who are accused of being witches by priest in Villach in the 13th century. They are thrown backward off a bridge with nooses around their necks, hang dead and then they are drowned in the river. When they back from the dark waters, someone wakes them up and they changed into witches.

Time has flies since that day, Behmen and Felson who play as Teutonic nights surviving and return from the Crusades to find their fatherland which is being damaged by the Black Death. Two cruch elders blame a girl (Claire Foy) for being a witch that responsible for the destruction. Two nights are commanded to transport the girl to the monastery. The monks lift her curse from the land. A possible clue to this movie’s mindset is that Claire Foy character has no name and is known only as a girl. Not even the witch.

Beberapa Alasan Cewek Memakai Masker Kain


Postingan random lagi nih…. Hehe.
Kemarin, seorang teman laki-laki saya mempertanyakan fungsi masker.

Bukan. Bukan masker perawatan untuk wajah, tapi masker yang ini.

sumber: blibli

Masker kain. 
Kira-kira begini bentuk pertanyaannya.
“Apa sebenarnya fungsi masker ini? Apakah hanya untuk tren saja? Kalau memang untuk menghindari debu, sekarang kan musim hujan, tidak ada debu beterbangan, jadi apa maksud dari masker itu sendiri? Apakah itu hanya pengalihan dari pemakaian cadar agar lebih terlihat modern?”

Mari kita fokus saja pada fungsi masker kain. 
Sebuah fungsi kadang bisa jadi berbeda-beda tergantung pada sudut pandang dan kebutuhan seseorang akan sesuatu. 
Saya tergelitik untuk mengumpulkan alasan dari teman-teman perempuan saya dalam memakai masker kain selain untuk menghindari debu, dan ini dia jawaban-jawabannya:

No make-up
Beberapa teman cewek saya yang ketika harus keluar namun keadaan muka sedang ‘buluk’ dan merasa tidak PeDe, memilih menggunakan masker kain untuk menutupi ke’buluk’annya.

Lah kenapa gak pakai make-up aja kalau gitu?
“Males. Orang keluarnya bentar doang. Cuma buat beli makan”
Yup! Jawaban ala anak kosan. 

Atau dibawah ini nih, jawaban seorang teman saya.

Kenangan tetap muda


Yang tetap dijaga dan dirawat, 
Meski sudah tua bahkan mati. 
Karna yang hidup dan muda, 
adalah kenangannya

(Apa) Alasan Menonaktifkan Centang Biru WhatsApp(?)


Post kali ini mungkin ini akan menjadi semacam pembelaan saya terhadap sebuah postingan status Facebook (fb) yang menjadi alasan saya menulis ini.
Beberapa hari lalu, sebuah postingan yang dishare oleh seorang teman, muncul di beranda fb saya. 
Isi postingannya merupakan cerita pengalaman pemosting dengan seorang vendor yang berkomunikasi via aplikasi WhatsApp (WA).
Dibawah ini screenshot postingannya.

Dalam postingan itu, diceritakan rentetan kejadian antara beliau dan pembeli, yang berujung pembatalan transaksi jual beli karena tidak adanya tanggapan dari sang vendor padahal sudah dikirimi pesan teks berkali-kali via WA.
Ternyata sang vendor sudah membaca pesan, namun (mungkin) tidak (sempat) membalas. Dan karena tanda centang biru dinonaktifkan, calon pembeli tidak mengetahui kalau pesannya telah dibaca.  Marahlah sang calon pembeli karena merasa tidak dihargai.
Yang membuat saya tergelitik untuk menulis ini adalah, sang pemilik postingan mengakhiri tulisannya dengan pertanyaan.
"Apa alasan orang-orang yang menghilangkan tanda baca WA, jika tujuannya adalah berkomunikasi?"

Sampai jumpa!


Semoga dalam garis takdir,
Ada titik, 
dimana kita bisa bersua kembali
Memendekkan segala jarak diantara kita
Mendekatkan Sumatera sampai Papua
Dan menghilangkan sejenak, kesibukan yang memisahkan.

@Bandara Husein Sastranegara, 
Januari 2019