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Saturday, January 06, 2018

RPP B. Inggris (What time is it?) 1st Meeting - Example of English Language Lesson Plan for 4th grade Elementary School

Assalamu'alaikum semua.
Kali ini saya mau berbagi satu Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran (RPP) untuk satu pertemuan pelajaran Bahasa Inggris dengan bertopik "Time" dengan "Language focus"-nya: "What time is it?"
RPP ini pernah saya simulasikan di SD GIKI Bandung. Saya kira RPP ini sudah cukup untuk dikatakan child friendly karena memiliki banyak aktivitas yang mana sesuai dengan karakteristik anak-anak usia kelas 4 SD.

Oh iya, karena ini hanya untuk satu pertemuan, pertemuan selanjutnya bias dilanjutkan dengan mengubah "Language focus" menjadi: "It's time to.....(wake up).. (eat)...(etc.)
Untuk melihat RPP meeting kedua, klik -----> 2nd Meeting
Semoga bermanfaat:


Subject                      : English Language
Class                          : 4th Grade of Elementary School
Time Allocation        : 1x40 Minutes
Topic                        : Daily Routine (Telling Time)                                          

Language Focus: “What time is it?”
Skills: Listening and Speaking
Objectives: Students are able to ask and reply to “what time is it?”
-          Teacher handbook
-          Hand-out
1.    Song: Telling time from (Appendix 1)
2.    Big clock card
3.    Wolf game (Appendix 2)
4.    Sticking Clock Activity (Appendix 3)

Teaching and Learning Steps
Detail Activities
1.    Teacher greets the students.
12 minutes
2.    Teacher asks captain of the class to lead the pray.
3.    Teacher checks students’ attendance.
4.    Teacher checking students’ understanding of the previous lesson
5.    Teacher tells the students about what students are going to learn.
6.      Teacher asks “what time is it now?” using big clock card.
“What time do the students wake up?”
“What time do you go to school?”

Main Activity
1.    Teacher gives some example about how to tell time in English.
20 minutes
2.    Teacher sings the time song without the video.
3.    Students are asked to repeat what teacher says.
4.    Students and teacher sing the song together. (Appendix 1)
(use big clock card to help the activity)
5.    One of the students is asked to come forward and lead the others to sing the song.
6.    Wolf game (outdoor follow-up) (Appendix 2)
7.    Students sing what time is it? song again.
8.    Students do the sticking clock activity.


1.    Students and teacher review what have been learnt by singing what time is it? song.
8 minutes
2.     Students are informed about what to do on the next week.
3.    Teacher asks captain of the class to lead the pray.
4.    Teacher greets the students by saying good bye, see you next week.

      1. What time is it?” song
YouTube source:

2. Wolf game’s rules
Wolf game is an easy game requires at least three people which in its activities there will be a wolf and the other will pretend to be the villagers (prey). Rules:
-          The wolf and the villagers will stand across each other with the distance about 5 meters
-          The wolf have to stand and his/her face should against the villagers
-          The game start with the villagers asked the wolf “what time is it?”
-           The wolf have to reply whatever time he/she wants for example: “it is three o’clock” or “it is six o’clock”
-          If it is three o’clock then the villagers have to make three steps forward to the wolf. If it is six o’clock then they have to make 6 steps forward.
-          The villagers will ask continuously about the time.
-          Now it depends on the wolf to reply “it is time for dinner” whenever he/she wants.
-          When the time for dinner comes, the wolf should run after the villagers to catch them as a prey.
-          The game will be finished when there is no prey left.
-          (For the rest, you can recreate the game to suit the condition of your condition of your class.

S   3. Sticking clock activity