Analytical text - The Use of Mobile Phone While Driving

Nowadays, many people have been killed in accidents on the road because of using mobile phone while driving.
As posted in about traffic collision, more than 60 people have been killed in accidents on British roads in the past three years because a driver was using a mobile phone. About 1.4 million deaths in 2013 up from 1.1 million death in 1990 and about 68,000 of these occurred on children less than five years old. This is a crucial problem, because it often happened because of a driver’s mistake and all of it was injured many people, included the drivers, the passengers and the walkers.
            From the fact above, can’t we see that using mobile while driving is dangerous?  Even it was explained clearly that texting while driving is dangerous, many people often do it continuously. Using mobile phone while driving is illegal, we have to keep our hands free behind the wheel. It wasn’t a misunderstanding but it was squarely a mistake because they knew that they shouldn’t do it and they have to avoid it, but they still did it.
            There are some tips to avoid the accidents on the streets. The first and it has known for the entire drivers is we have to obey the rules, keep focus on the road and don’t drive over the maximum speed. Second, we have to keep our vehicles on the left; as the rule in Indonesia that all the vehicles must take the left side of road; and avoid overtaking the white line in the middle of the road. The last, we have to keep safe our self by using the helmets for the motorcycles riders and using the seatbelts for the cars drivers.
            When we use mobile phone while driving or talking to someone in a serious conversation, which need more concentration, we have to divide our concentration on two sides; the mobile phone and the road and sometimes it cannot work well. So, by killing all of the conversation, drive under the maximum speed and stay focus on the road, we can prevent the speed bumps and help ourselves and people around us stay alive.

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How to avoid the accidents on the road: Giving some tips to avoid the accidents on the road (source: http:

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